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Klobok was a Skrull who began to research the mystical origins of the Dire Wraiths, who were an offshoot of the Skrull race. His pursuit of arcane knowledge was frowned upon by the Superskrulls of the Science Caste and he was sentenced to hard labor on an off-world penal colony. This punishment meant he survived Galactus' destruction of the Skrull homeworld. When the Annihilation Wave began, the colony was destroyed allowing Klobok to escape. He once again took up his research, and in the process conjured up the deceased Dire Wraith Warlock Doctor Dredd. From him, he learned the arcane secrets of the Wraiths and actually assumed the identity of Dredd. Feeling science had failed his people, he set out to find a way to save the Skrulls from extinction through Dire Wraith Sorcery.

He formulated a plan whereby he could insinuate the Dire Wraith Queen Volx into the retinue of the Galadorian Queen Brandy Clark and manipulate her.

Using information gained from this source and from his infiltration of a Rigellian Survey ship, Koblok - as Dredd - attacked the Galadorian stronghold known as The Keep which guarded access to the dreaded Dark Nebula. With the knowledge gained from the Rigellians to 'cut' space and relocate the Black Sun from the cloak inside the nebula to the Galadorian system.

The two stellar masses began to merge with the Black Sun consuming the Galadorian sun when the Annihilators intervened. They also were forced to return Wraithworld from Limbo to balance the solar system which played into Klobok's plan. Klobok then revealed himself and began a massive conjuration to disassemble the Dire Wraiths and revert their DNA back to create a new race of Skrulls and re-establish the Skrull Empire.

The Annihilators fought the assembled Hellhounds, Deathwings and Watchwraiths that Koblok summoned and kept him busy until Volx moved into position where she tongue-spiked Koblok and dragged him to his doom, thereby saving the Dire Wraiths.[1]




  • Dire Wraith sorcery: Used his sorcery to turn himself into a living "Cutting Edge" to enable him to slice even the Silver Surfer's body, rend out of the quantum energy entanglements of Quasar and 'sheer' open space-time fabric to create portals without making physical contact.

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