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Kludge used to be a contract carpenter and mechanic who worked on and tinkered with machinery before the Terrigen Mist cloud resulting from the Terrigen Bomb hit and affected him due to his Inhuman heritage.

Exposure to the mist's left him mentally impaired and vulnerable to manipulation. Which was right around the time former actor turned Nuhuman crime boss; Ajay found and opted him to build a specially designed control hub for diverting and manipulating Mumbai's electrical grid attack, then sent him to attack a national Naval Destroyer in a ploy to lure out the Inhuman International Envoy.[1] Particularly Grid as the former had use for his electromagnetic powers, constructing a battle suit composed various mechanical components.

Parts of which belonging to the very fleet ship he was taking apart. He was untimely stopped by the arrival of the Inhumans when hit by a powerful electromagnetic pulse which fried all of his suits systems. He was taken into the custody of Crystal at the behest of the Indian government and imprisoned within the R.I.V..

Powers and Abilities


Technokinetic Transmutation: Kludge can take and reshape technology into any form or semblance he can vividly imagine, using it to make a high octane battlesuit composed of mix-and-match components from various pieces of machinery he could get his hands on while on the move.[1]

  • Intuitive Construction: Has an innate knack for understanding and incorporating new machinery into any other cybernetic form he can conceive of, the minute he finds usable parts his mind goes on auto pilot as he begins working out how best to utilize it.[1]
  • Vehicular Intuition: Avid in piloting whatever device he constructs or happens to be faced with at the time.[1]



Cram Suit: Mechanical construct armor created using his powers. Kludge had outfitted it with a host of armaments he created or re-purposed on the spot when incorporated into the suit, allowing for on the fly weapons deployment of various kinds.[1]

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