The man known as Klug was born hideously deformed. In 1935, he killed a group of men who made fun of his appearance, an act that landed him on death row and to the electric chair. Somehow surviving, Klug went into seclusion and began developing a massive electrical generator hidden in a cave that charged specially made lightning guns so that he could slay those responsible for sending him to the chair. With the help of his minions, Klug began using his lightning generator to strike the homes of the law officials who were responsible for sending him away.

The strange killings attracted the attention of both the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean. After saving the life of the Governor of New England, Namor triangulated the source of the attacks but was struck down with a bolt of lightning himself. Klug then kidnapped Betty and told her his origins. Deciding that Betty should be his wife, he then hooked her up to his electrical generator, telling her the electricity would deform her and make her uglier than he was.

Having survived the electrical jolt, Namor destroyed the hydro-generator that powered Klug's device and defeated his men. Getting hold of an electrical pistol, Namor confronted Klug to a duel. Namor ultimately one, one of his electrical jolts sending Klug falling seemingly to his death. In the aftermath of the battle, Betty noted that Klug was wearing a rubber suit and might still be alive. Namor dismissed this notion and returned to the ocean.[1] As Klug has not been seen scene, it is presumable that he is indeed dead.


Klug had a massive dynamo that recharged his lightning guns. Those who were strapped into the device were jolted with electricity, however this energy apparently only caused deformities after a prolonged exposure.


Klug rode a motorcycle with a sidecar.


Klug wielded a lighting gun, which actually shot jolts of electricity that were lethal. They required to be recharged by a massive generator. These weapons could be fired at long ranges as Klug specified that it was these guns that he used to eliminate his targets from afar.

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