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Official Name
Knights of Pendragon
Team Leader(s)
Current Member(s)
Identity and Affiliations
Dolph, the Bane and various other Bane-powered entities, Mys-Tech, Scourge, Shadow Wing
Base of Operations
The Green Chapel, Avalon; formerly Camelaird Farm, Wiltshire
Place of Formation
Creators and Appearances


The Knights of Pendragon are a loose affiliation of individuals called into service by the Green Knight, a mystical protector of Britain who resides in the Green Chapel in realm of Avalon, who is apparently engaged in an endless conflict with the Bane, agents of his opposite number, the Red Lord: supposedly, the Green Knight (an aspect of the 'Green Man') is a kind of living embodiment of Britain's nature.

When the Bane appear to be endangering Britain, the Green Knight empowers individuals with the Pendragon spirits which were once the knights of the Round Table. In recent times, Chief Inspector Dai Thomas of the Metropolitan police, reporter Kate McClellan, her son Cam, writer Ben Gallagher, Joe Chapman, aka Union Jack, and a number of other individuals including Captain Britain, Iron Man (Tony Stark), the Black Panther and Peter Hunter (the retired superhero named Albion) were all either possessed or summoned by the Pendragon spirits and fought the Bane, with Gallagher dying in the final battle.

The Pendragon spirits later left most of those involved, but Albion and Union Jack kept theirs and became members of a more formalized 'team' of knights also including Adam Crown, Breeze James, the former Bane leader Francesca Lexley Grace and the android Gawain. This new iteration fought the forces of Mys-Tech and other threats for some months, but most of the team eventually went their separate ways, with only Albion, Grace, Gawain and Breeze remaining together. Their activities in recent years are unknown. Joseph Chapman, however, does still possess at least a portion of the Pendragon power.



The latter Knights used special armor they found in the Green Chapel that would customize to the wearer's wishes.


Each teammates' arsenal


Though rarely used, they had access to special vehicles found in the Green Chapel that were capable of transporting the team through space and time and usually had artillery of some kind.

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