Quote1 ...about the new Dai Thomas... Not drinking... Not smoking... Sixty pounds lighter and thirty years younger? What about the sudden ability to get by in fourteenth century Saxon dialect? Quote2
-- Kate McClellan

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Synopsis for "Blood & Feathers"

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  • The epigraphs to this story are from La Belle Dame sans Merci by John Keats (original 1819 version) and Domination of Black by Wallace Stevens.
  • Sir Gawain occasionally can be seen in real life in place of Dai Thomas, in particular, during their confrontation with the flying monster. Besides that, Thomas has undergone a radical change in appearance and behavior: quit smoking, lost 60 pounds, and looks 30 years younger. He is also able to speak in 14th century Saxon dialect. He himself is not sure he is entirely human anymore.
  • After the disapperance of Sir Gawain's internal monolog in the preceding issue, this is the first issue not to feature a quote from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Dai Thomas's internal monolog uses yellow background as before.

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