A centuries-old order founded to defend Rome from pagan threats, the Knights of Rome acted as protectors of the Holy Roman Church until being excommunicated for their use of pagan artifacts. Later sacrificing their souls to continue their mission, they were granted a degree of immortality, but left dessicated and seemingly trapped inside their mystical armor.[1]

When Tyrannus later sought Pandora's urn for his own ends, the Knights of Rome moved against him, coming into conflict with the Hulk and Red She-Hulk[2] while kidnapping Romulus, Italian historian Dr. Sofia di Cosimo, and the Urn. Taking them back to their flying castle, the Knights were followed by the Hulks, with a battle erupting in the castle, during which they unleashed a mystical bird belonging to Zeus before being attacked from behind by Romulus and seemingly defeated.[1]



  • Magic-enhanced titanium-armored suits.


  • Flying castle


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