Knights of Xandar

Knights of Xandar (Earth-94241) from Infinity Gauntlet Vol 2 4 001
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Knights of Xandar
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Pn'zo, Scathe, one unidentified member
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The Knights of Xandar were Adam Warlock's guard, and protectors of Magus City. They were assembled when the Bakian Clan confronted Warlock for the Soul Stone, and they were deployed as soon as Warlock demanded for their visitors to be executed.

Warstar confronted Gamora and Star-Lord, Scathe engaged Anwen and Fayne Bakian, Pn'zo fought Groot, and the Knight with electrical powers confronted Menzin Bakian.

Most of the Knights were knocked out by their adversaries, except Warstar, who were killed by Gamora.[1]

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