Knobby was a living marionette that resided in the potentially imaginary realm of Nowhere in the Land of Fairy's. Before given life, he was once a ordinary wooden club, and sometimes longed for his old existence. At some point he became a prisoner of the evil magician known as Zar. Knobby was eventually rescued by Jimmy Jupiter and he helped Jimmy defeat the evil wizard and escape his castle. Becoming fast friends with Jimmy, Knobby agreed to help Jimmy find the castle of King Ra[1].

Their travels led to many dangers, and Knobby helped Jimmy escape them, such as when they encountered the Three Witches and their magic pair of glasses, which Jimmy took from them[2]. Knobby later fell down a pit, and Jimmy used these glasses to command snakes to make a rope for Knobby to climb out of. They also passed through the Haunted Forest, when Knobby realized the glasses were influencing Jimmy until they were removed by knights of King Ra upon their arrival outside the castle walls[3].

Finally meeting the King, Knobby joined Jimmy and Fairy Delight on a tour of the Land of Fairey's and visited many of its lands. When they were in the Land of Dreams, Knobby and the others fled the Sandman trying to avoid being put to eternal sleep. Jimmy ended up being returned to Earth, leaving Knobby's fate unknown[4].

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