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Real Name
Symbiote Armor[1]
Knull (creator; deceased);[2]

All-Black (possible progenitor, deceased);[2]
Grendel (offspring, deceased);[3]
Big Mother (offspring, deceased);[3]
Venom (possible offspring, absorbed);[2][4][1][5]

Numerous unnamed symbiotes and symbiote dragons (offspring)[2]
Base of Operations
Mobile; formerly Klyntar
Living Status
Marital Status
Living suit of armor
Symbiote Hive-Mind


Unusual Skin Color
; and red
Unusual Features
Red dragon emblems on its chest and back; Claws and draconic wings
Primordial symbiote worn as a suit of armor
Place of Birth
The Abyss
Creators and Appearances
First Appearance
Appearance of Death


At some point following his creation of All-Black, the primordial dark god Knull manifested a suit of symbiote-armor from the living abyss.[2] Knull wore the symbiote-armor throughout his reign as the god-king of the symbiotes and his war against the Light, with it aiding him in his battles against the Silver Surfer and entire armies of gods.[6][7][2] Knull used its constituent living abyss to manifest both the symbiote dragon later known as the Grendel and the first of the lesser symbiotes.[3][2]

Original draconic helmet.

After Knull's connection to the symbiote hive-mind was severed, his armor remained one of the few symbiotes subservient to him,[2] but was seemingly stripped from him by the rebelling symbiotes after they imprisoned him in the core of the symbiote throneworld.[8][6] Knull's avatar manifested from the Grendel symbiote-dragon wore a facsimile of the armor,[9] attempting to assimilate the Tyrannosaurus and Venom symbiotes into it.[8] When Knull broke free from his prison, he immediately reformed his symbiote-armor in preparation for resuming his conquest of the cosmos, assimilated Wraith's Exolon into it, and used its living abyss to manifest a Necrosword.[10][11]

At some point prior to arriving on Earth, Knull changed his symbiote-armor's appearance - sporting a sleeker cuirass with straight-tailed dragon emblems, and spikes on its pauldrons; and after arriving on Earth forcibly absorbed the Venom symbiote into his armor and manifested it as a serrated blade on Knull's right arm.[1][5] During his battle with Thor Odinson, Knull manifested a Necrosword from his symbiote-armor and used it to impale Thor.[12]

When confronting the Silver Surfer in preparation for resuming their ancient duel, Knull transformed his symbiote-armor into a more combat-oriented form. However, Eddie -- who had been transformed into Captain Universe -- interceded and ultimately ripped Knull's armor off in retribution for Knull having torn off the Venom symbiote.[13]

Powers and Abilities


Primordial Symbiote Physiology: Knull's armor seemingly possesses powers similar to those of the All-Black symbiote when it is used as armor.[14][6] It is capable of altering its appearance into more combat-oriented forms,[15][7] extending its arm-wraps into tendrils, and can also manifest symbiotes, symbiote dragons, and Necroswords from its constituent living abyss.[2][3][12]


Unlike other symbiotes, Knull's symbiote-armor is not particularly vulnerable to heat -- it was capable of withstanding being plunged through the atmosphere of Gorr's Homeworld (albeit with minor damage),[16][2] and survived being immersed in a star by the Silver Surfer.[7]



  • When it succumbed to Knull's will, the Venom symbiote's spider-emblems turned into red dragons resembling those of Knull's symbiote-armor.[17]
  • When bonded to an offshoot of the Grendel symbiote-dragon as "Dark Carnage", Cletus Kasady initially had distorted red dragons on his chest and back.[18] As his connection to Knull grew stronger, he manifested a white version of Knull's dragon emblem on his chest.[19] After apotheosizing into "Devil Carnage", he manifested pauldrons, arm-wraps, and horns similar to those of Knull's symbiote-armor.[20]

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