Kobe was born a warrior prince in the land of Khitai. Throught a series of unknown circumstances, he became enslave to the emperor of Koth; the emperor then gave him to Conan.[1]

Kobe attacked Bahkt when he ambushed Anneka, while he was looking for Conan.[2]

When Red Sonja was found unconscious, badly beaten, and sexually assaulted in the Kothian wilderness, Kobe took her to the camp and watched over her.[3]

When Kaleb decked Conan for grabbing Solaise, Kobe was asked by Shapur to stop them, but he refused, since it would interfere with a matter of honor.[4]

As Red Sonja couldn't fight anymore after Bahkt's assault, Kobe believed she was deranged. When the Cimmerian's small army was about to move on, Shapur asked Kobe to remain with Sonja and keen an eye on her, but he refused to be left behind and was replaced by Simeon.[5]

When Conan's party camped on the shore of the Tybor River, Anneka kindly asked Kobe to search for Conan, as the Cimmerian had gone hunting again; Kobe found him in the woods, performing sacrifices to Crom for his impending battle with the Devourer of Souls.[6]

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