Kofi Whitemane is the nephew of Byrel Whitemane, leader of the Synode of Patchworld, and cousin of the late Aelfyre Whitemane.[1] Like Aelfyre, Kofi is a monk in the Protectorate of Innocence, one of 2 rivalling cults on Patchworld.[1].

When Power Pack was brought before the Synode of Patchworld to stand trial for crimes they supposedly committed, including stealing four valuable artifacts related to the One True Prophecy about Eternity's Children, Kofi voluntered to defend Power Pack in court.[1] He was opposed by Warpriest Kh'oja, a high ranking member of Kofi's rival sect The Wrath of the Fallen. Despite Kh'oja's attempts to turn the synode against Power Pack, Kofi was able to convince his uncle to give him more time to prepare a proper defense.[1] As such, Power Pack was send to Hadith IV to wait the rest of their trial.

When Franklin Richards and Smartship Friday came to Hadith IV to get Power Pack, Friday contacted Kofi to ask about the rumors that Power Pack had gone rogue. Kofi confirmed that Power Pack had been accused of stealing the artifacts and that he was preparing their defense, but he considered their chances slim.[2]

Power Pack escaped captivity shortly after this, and eventually discovered Kh'oja to be the true culprit behind the thefts. They didn't return to Patchworld and thus the rest of their trial was never shown. It's unknown what happened to Kofi after this.


Seemingly those of Kofi Whitemane (Earth-616)#Powers.

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