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Koh was the leader of a gang of Madripoorians set on toppling Hideki Kurohagi and taking control of Madripoor.[1]

Years ago, he was one of the two main leaders of Madripoor, the other being Juō Kurohagi. The two maintained a tense peace, until one day Shingen arrived on Madripoor and allied himself with Juō. With Shingen’s help, Juō became the ruler of Madripoor, and put a hit on Koh. Shingen send one of his best assassins, Miyuki, to kill Koh. When she made her move, Koh was defended by his son Kai. The two where evenly matched, and against anyone’s expectations they fell in love.[1]

Koh did not approve of the relationship, but still decided to hide the two from Shingen. Years passed, during which Kai and Miyuki had a daughter, Yukio. One night, Koh attempted to smuggle his son and daughter-in-law out of Madripoor, but they came under attack from Juo, Shingen, and Shingen’s men. Shingen killed Kai and Miyuki, while Juo planned to kill Koh. With his last strength, Kai saved Koh from the attack. Koh thus escaped, but Juo did manage to cripple his leg.[1] Following the dead of his son and daughter-in-law, Koh raised Yukio for several years. He was the one who learned her to fight. However, his obsession with revenge against Juo and regaining control over Madripoor eventually drove a wedge between the two, and Yukio left.[2]

When Logan arrived on Madripoor to find Mariko, Koh saw in him a perfect ally to help bring down Hideki. He sent Min to bring Logan to his lair.[3] There, he claimed he and his gang had a secret tunnel leading directly to the Dragon Palace, and made a deal with Logan; Logan would attack the Palace through Hell Road to distract the guards, so Koh and his gang could attack through the tunnel.[1] Unbeknown to Logan, Koh was lying; there was no tunnel. Koh actually wanted to trick Logan into clearing a path through Hell Road for Koh and his gang to use.[4] The plan worked, allowing Koh and his gang to reach the palace. Min was killed in the attack when protecting Koh against Vadhaka.[5] After fighting himself a way into the Dragon Palace, Koh found himself confronted by Shingen. The two got into a fight, where Koh was quickly overpowered. Yukio came to his aid, though more to avenge her parents than to help Koh. When Shingen came close to killing Yukio, Koh took the hit for her and was fatally injured. Before succumbing to his injuries, he and Yukio shared a last moment together in which Koh admitted to have come to terms with the fact that he couldn't save Kai and Miyuki.[6]

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In his younger days, Koh a highly skilled and trained fighter. Even in his old age, he can put up a decent fight.



Cane with a sharp, metal blade. Can be thrown like a javelin. Knifes.

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