Many millenias ago, millions of light-years away from Earth, there was a Star that was ripped apart. What was left of this Star became the Entity known as the Kolobus. Since then, he had been searching for a new home, having find Earth a suitable candidate. Wanting to turn it into a star he began to mind-control people into setting fires, in order to increase Erath's temperature. When Nightmask felt his presence, he, alongside, Starbrand tried to stop him. Due to Kolobus's control over Cassie, Starbrand got angry and, after a short discussion, Kolobus agreed on taking Starbrand's Structure as his new home.[1]

When the phenomena known as incursion led to the destruction of everything, Doctor Doom seized the power of the Beyonders and reshaped the remnants of several different realities into Battleworld.[2]

When Mister Fantastic confronted Doom and acquired the Beyonders' power, he began to recreate the Multiverse.[3] After this, Starbrand and Nightmask met with Kolobus again when Libra brought them together. Then, Kolobus helped them prevent the Kree Starbrand from killing Kevin and destroying Earth, although, in the end, it was revealed that one Starbrand couldn't kill another Starbrand. With everything settled, Kevin and Adam were returned to Earth by Libra, and Va-Sohn (the Kree Starbrand) was sent to Kree-Pama, alongside Cipher.[4]

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