Komba was a mute Native American who was hired by the evil scientist Dr. Klutch to be his bodyguard. So fearsome was Komba that none of Klutch's other henchmen dared enter Klutch's hideout while he was there. In 1941, Komba was on side when Klutch brought the captured Tough Kid Squad to his hideout so that he could experiment on the twin brothers Wally and Tom Danger. The two brothers were injected with a serum that brought their bodies to the peak of their mental and physical abilities, and Klutch sought to extract it and use it for his own evil ends. After extracting a blood sample from Wally, Klutch and Komba were attacked by the rest of the squad who just broke free. During the fight, Wally stared down Komba, forcing him to flee with Dr. Klutch. On the way out, he knocked over a candle, causing the house to set on fire.

Knowing that the boys would likely escape through his secret tunnel, Klutch injected Komba with Wally's blood, endowing him with the powers brought by the serum and sent Komba after the boys. Battling them in the tunnels, Komba was frightened to death when Tough Kid member and fellow Native American Eagle clubbed him with a cat tied to a stick.[1]


When endowed with Dr. Danger's formula, Komba was brought to the peak of his physical and metal capacities.


Komba was very primitive and almost animal like in nature and could be forced to flee if you stared him down long enough. His death by means of the "cat-club" was stated as death by fright, which suggests that perhaps his biology was not fully compatible with Dr. Danger's formula, and this was a lethal side-effect.


Komba carried a club.

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