Kor-Konn was a member of Attuma's barbarian horde. He captured Namor the Sub-Mariner and brought him before Attuma, not realizing that Namor had been playing possum in order to get close to Attuma. Namor then defeated Attuma in combat.[1]

Attuma later joined forces with Dorcas and Tiger Shark to destroy Namor, and Kor-Konn was a part of Attuma's forces. The villains captured the Hydro-Men except for Dr. Jennings. When Jennings notified Namor of the situation, Kor-Konn led a force against Namor but was defeated.[2]

Namor and his ally Doctor Doom led a final charge against the villains. Kor-Konn and his men fought against Doctor Doom. However, Doom killed Kor-Konn and his men by striking two missiles together.[3]


Atlantean Abilities: possesses the conventional attributes of Homo mermanus: gills that extract oxygen from water, superhuman physiology to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and acute vision. He can swim at approximately 30 miles per hour. He can remain out of water for approximately nine minutes before beginning to suffocate. However, he can operate on the surface by wearing a water-filled helmet or using a chemical that enables him to draw oxygen from the air.


Presumably skilled in fighting


Large axe

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