Kora[1] was a girl who was offered as sacrifice to the Zemadar (a giant reptilian creature) in the pits of Tsargol. She was saved by Thongor of Valkarth and Karm Karvus, the former then killing the sark Drugunda Thal.[2]

The archdruid Yelim Pelorvis[2] immediately claimed the position of sark and unleashed waves of soldiers to slay the two warriors. Thongor and Karm Karvus were able to repel their aggressors and protect Kora until Sharajsha the Wizard came to their rescue using magic to disassemble them and the Nemedis to extract them. Kora awarded Thongor with a kiss.

As the group was heading to Patanga for their quest, they intended to land Kora to her village, and Kora wished to pray Trianda, the Luck goddess, for their success. She also assisted to the halving of the Star Stone.[1]

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