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Korath serves under Ronan the Accuser. He trained many children to become assassins for him, and became the teacher of Gamora and Nebula for a time. He has since become one of Ronan's trusted servants. Lately, Korath had been coordinating missions to track down The Orb, an artifact Ronan is after.[1]

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Eventually Korath arrived on Morag in search of the Orb. However, he found that someone had beat him to it, a human named Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. Korath decided to take Quill to Ronan for interrogation, but the human managed to escape the planet with the Orb.

Korath returned back to Ronan to report his failure. But he did inform his master that Quill was going to Xandar to give the Orb to an intermediary known as the Broker. Gamora was then sent to Xandar to recover the Orb.

Later, when the Orb was recovered, Ronan got in communication with Thanos, with Korath standing by his side, holding the Orb. However, as Ronan discovered that the Orb contained an Infinity Stone, he decided to betray Thanos and destroy Xandar himself. Korath cautioned his master against betraying the most powerful being in the universe but Ronan wouldn't be dissuaded.

During the battle of Xandar, Korath came face-to-face with Quill, whom he properly addressed as Star-Lord, accompanied by Groot and Drax the Destroyer. Korath attacked the human, throwing him across the Dark Aster deck twice before Drax engaged him, eventually ripping out his cranial implants, killing him.[2]

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