The woman known as Korea Katie was a South Korean woman who betrayed her people to join the People's Liberation Army of China during the Korean War. She joined a gorilla army unit that operated from a small town where she posed as a bar tender. There, she drugged American soldiers and took them prisoner to try and learn information to stage raids on American supply trucks. She almost succeeding in capturing American soldiers Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak had it not been for the intervention of a Korean freedom fighter who helped free them. Korea Katie was then captured and turned over to the American military as a prisoner of war.[1]

Somehow, Korea Katie managed to escape and recaptured Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak in order to torture them and learn information about American troop movements. While Cookie was subject to a water torture, Combat Kelly was strapped to a spinning wheel while Katie threw knives at him. However, Combat managed to break free, and assisted Korea Katie's sister Koo in escaping execution. As it turned out, Koo was hunting her sister to avenge the shame she brought upon her family for joining with North Korea. The pair rescued Cookie from his torture in a cave, and they all fled. When Korea Katie and her troops tries to chase after them, Koo tossed a stick of dynamite into the cave entrance, blowing it up and seemingly killing Katie and her soldiers.[2]

Somehow, Korea Katie survived and still desiring revenge against Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak for their constant interference she tracked them down and prevented them from being eliminated by the Yalu River Rosie so she could kill them herself. However her chance for revenge was foiled by the interventions of the Panther Lady, Yalu River Rosie, Muktong Mollie and General Olga other enemies of the two Americans who also sought the right to get revenge. Ultimately the five women began to fight among themselves allowing Combat and Cookie to free themselves and take them all prisoner.[3]


Katie used throwing knives and a pistol.

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