Quote1.png You are Korg of Krona. Son of O-Korg and Ahna. Brother-killer of Margus. Quote2.png


Korg was a Kronan warrior.

Korg fought as a gladiator on Sakaar. He would later became a member of the Warbound, a group that liberated Sakaar from the Red King's rule.

Korg would later be forced to fight as a gladiator once again, this time by the Grandmaster. He was imprisoned by him and forced to take part in his games.

One day Hela took over the Grandmaster's operation, AND Korg was forced to serve her under the threat that his family would be harmed if he did not do her bidding. He traveled with her to the Avengers Academy where he was fought against the Academy's heroes. He was defeated and convinced by Odin to join the Academy, who told him his family would also be under his protection.

Korg would later go back to Sakaar with Hulk, Thor and Wasp to help his boyfriend Hiroim, and the rest of the Warbound defeat a new group of Sakaaran Imperials who wanted to bring the Red King's ideas back into Sakaaran society.

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Seemingly those of Korg of Earth-616.


  • Korg is in a relationship with Hiroim.

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