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Early Life

Korrek the Barbarian is a knight warrior and a prince of the extra-dimensional world of Katharta. Korrek the Barbarian normally wields a sword that projects mystical fire.

Man-Thing & Howard the Duck

Korrek and his allies crossed over from their home reality due to a disturbance in various dimensions which was caused by serious events taking place in the Man-Thing's Citrusville swamp and made worse by the interference via the demon Thog the Nether-Spawn. Korrek emerged in the Earth-616 reality, through a jar of peanut butter, partially consumed by Andy Kale, spread with a knife which later became the warriors sword. Korrek met Jennifer Kale and the Man-Thing once he was fully in the Earth-616 dimension.[1]

Korrek the Barbarian worked with the Man-Thing and Howard the Duck who was also brought to Earth due to the cracks in reality.[2]

The strange trio of friends was the attacked by a warrior force sent by the Congress of Realities until Dakimh the Enchanter banished the Congress. Dakimh transported the team to his castle along with Jennifer Kale. The team travelled to Therea to stop Thog and the Congress from overtaking that reality. Man-Thing was actually able to temporarily destroy Thog.[3]


Korrek the Barbarian returned home to his reality of Katharta. On his return he discovered that his father the king had been murdered, and that an evil sorcerer named Klonus had taken his kingdom. Klonus tool Korrek as a slave for a whole year, until the Man-Thing was sent to rescue him by Dakimh. The team helped Korrek the Barbarian overthrow the sorcerer Klonus, although Dakimh was killed by Klonus during fight.[4]


He teamed up with Howard and the Man-Thing again to batlle Bzzk'Joh.[5][6][7]

Korrek kept working with Jennifer Kale, the Man-Thing, and Howard the Duck on future missions on protecting the different realities.[8]

Powers and Abilities

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Swordsman: Korrek the Barbarian normally wields a sword that projects mystical fire.[9][10][11]

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