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Korumbu was a Romani medicine man who lived deep in the woods, concocting potions and remedies of various sorts for his people. One day he was approached by Hugo Barge, who demanded a reducing potion to help him lose weight. Korumbu was, in fact, working on just such a potion, but it had not yet been perfected, and Korumbu feared that it was too dangerous to be used yet. Barge, however, insisted and threatened to tell the authorities where the band of Romani were hiding. Korumbu therefore gave Barge the potion he sought. After Barge took the potion, he proceeded to lose weight at a rapid rate. Barge tried to seek out Korumbu to help him, because he had to constantly eat in order to keep from wasting away. Korumbu, however, has not been seen since.[1]

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Korumbu appears to have possessed some skill in the art of alchemy

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