In the past, Korvac was an alien scientist in love with the A.I. Rora, but she eventually left him for J'son. Heartbroken, he altered his body with cybernetics to get rid of his pain. He later engaged war on Spartax, turning its sentient beings into mindless mechanized weapons under his control, in a desperate bid to win her back. That is until Spartax deployed its planetary shield, preventing Korvac from entering. Over the years, Korvac would continue to upgrade himself with more cybernetic components until there was nothing organic of him left, thus becoming a living A.I. himself in his fortress.[1]

Guardians of the Galaxy

When Korvac met Star-Lord, he had initially mistaken him with his father J'son, so he had taken his teammates hostage until Peter brought him the real J'son, though he had already implanted cybernetics and forced them under his control. Peter and J'son used Rora to sneak into Korvac's fortress to save his friends as she distracted him. Korvac later became aware of them on board and got his revenge on J'son by turning him into another one of his mindless drones. Peter was able to escape after retrieving the Milano with his team and father on-board but attacked him under Korvac's influence. Just when things were looking up for Korvac, Rora said goodbye to him as was downloaded off her ship moments before his fortress exploded, thus freeing J'son and the Guardians from his control.[1]

Ultimate Spider-Man

Korvac had somehow survived (likely having moved to a different electronic system in time) and had become an intergalactic warlord who led the Chitauri in their conquest. Taking notice of the powerful figures on the planet Earth, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Doctor Strange, Korvac set out to destroy the planet before those heroes had a chance to stop him. The Guardians of the Galaxy, with the help of Nova and Spider-Man, were able to stop his diabolical plan, destroy his flagship, and kill Korvac in the process, putting an end to his reign of terror.[2]

  • Other than his name, this Korvac does not appear to share any similarities with the Michael Korvac of other continuities.

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