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Quote1.png I think someone or something is causing innocents to commit that crime. We guard against the enemies of the Domain, Geena, and the greatest enemy is heresy against the truth of Doom. We must locate the source of this infection and cure it. It is our enemy now. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Guardians 3000 have located the suspect, Emil Blonsky who is on a carousel. They hear him mumbling about stars disappearing. As the other Guardians suspect why they were sent to do this small job, Major Victory tells them that Starhawk had sensed specific psionic pattern matches, indicating it could be another tragedy due to the Madness.

As they reach Emil, they question him, but Emil keeps talking about the disappearing stars. Suddenly, he escalates, transforming into an Abomination. They are able to defeat it by shooting him in the eye, ultimately killing him.

Major Victory approaches his domain's Baron, Michael Korvac, who is accompanied by his wife, and tells him about what happened. Meanwhile, Starhawk and Geena Drake try to find out more about the Madness. Star hawk realizes that if the infection is not found and destroyed, their domain will be destroyed, due to their Baron unable to keep Doomlaw.

Soon, the Avengers arrive the Forest Hills, and are greeted by the Guardians. Soon, Michael Korvac meets the Baron of the Domain next door, Simon WIllaims, better known as the Wonder Man.

As Lady Carnia goes back to her room, she finds out that there are no more stars...

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Solicit Synopsis

• Lord Michael Korvac governs the Forest Hills, but his domain is threatened by rival lords, chaotic threats from beyond the Wall, and, worst of all, a dark madness that is spreading through the population.

• Led by the noble Major Victory, Korvac’s loyal Guardians must find the source of the evil before it corrupts the world as they know it.

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