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Quote1.png These things are a blasphemy against the world, Martinex. A crime against the order of Doomlaw! Your domain is unsound. I have known the almighty Thors to raze kingdoms to cinders for less infractions! Quote2.png
-- Baron Simon Williams

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  • Flight-Bikes

Synopsis for 1st story

As Nikki Gold patrols the subways, Starhawk reminds her that Baron Williams is in tow, that it is vital they do not disrupt the big event. Suddenly, Nikki is attacked by a large creature.

Meanwhile, Baron Korvac talks with his wife about his concerns about Williams. But suddenly, Lady Carina starts to mumble about stars disappearing, and transforms into a monster.

Back at the subway, Nikki is backed up by Major Victory and Martinex, as they continue to battle the monster, finally killing it by bullets, while back at the tow site, the Avengers and Guardians combine their forces to stop the Monster. Captain Marvel blasts the monster, killing it. But realizes it is Lady Carina.

Back at base, Korvac mourns his wife. Moon dragon and Starhawk team up to send Starhawk to the astral plane. Suddenly, he sees a being, and questions him. It answers one word only. Doom. And kills Starhawk.

Next: Made of Stars

Solicit Synopsis

• As Lord Michael Korvac handles a crucial peace summit with his rival, the Wonder Man Simon Williams, Korvac’s loyal Guardians struggle to find the source of the madness plaguing the kingdom.

• The truth is closer to home than anyone could have realized, and the revelation will shake the kingdom to its foundations.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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