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Kosmos is the dimension that Pym Particles tap into when mass is displaced during the shrinking or growing process associated with the particles. On Kosmos, the size changing ability is attributed to size changing pollen. Kosmos is ruled by a xenophobic insectoid species called the Kosmosians. Its society was made up of castes, including the Scientist Caste and the Creature Caste.[2]

The Kosmosians are the builders of the Growing Man. The Kosmosians were fearful of Kang the Conqueror due to a transmission that warned that Kang would conquer Kosmos sometime in the future. Due to this, the Kosmosians grew to hate humanity.[3] The signal originated from the Growing Man after a battle with the Thunderbolts.[4]

Janet Van Dyne's father, Vernon, was murdered by a Kosmosion from the Criminal Caste.[5] Baron Zemo rescued Atlas from the Kosmosian dimension just prior to the founding of the Thunderbolts. This act would later lead to the Thunderbolts being teleported to Kosmos. While there, Moonstone colluded with the King's adviser to murder the king and frame someone else for the crime thus allowing the adviser to become the new king. As compensation for killing the old king, the new king sent the Thunderbolts home.[2]



Kosmos was located in the Zokka system of the Milky Way per Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #15. It was later revealed in Thunderbolts #13-14 to be in an alternate dimension.

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