Kotik was a tiger cub whose pack lived in the Siberian tundra. When Sabretooth was being carried away by Omega Red, he slit his arm, hoping a predator would follow the trail of blood and serve as a distraction to break free from Omega Red. The plan worked and the tiger pack attacked Omega Red, giving Sabretooth a chance to escape. However, Omega Red was overpowered by the animals and asked for help, prompting Sabretooth to pity him & go back to help. After Creed killed the adult tigers, Omega Red noticed the cub and decided to keep it as a pet. The cub was initially aggressive but warmed up to them quickly.[1] Omega Red later decided to name it Kotik.[2]

While he predominantly appeared to be Omega Red's pet, Creed would take care of him at times when Omega Red was busy fighting.

Kotik appears to be a playful cub, with an aggressive side. He's first seen growling at Omega Red & Sabretooth, both of whom took a liking to him. He chomped on Creed's finger when the latter picked him up, causing Creed to chuckle. He was shown to be very loyal, going so far as to growl at & chase after Vassily, who had been tormenting Omega Red for months.

He appeared to be a bit closer to Omega Red such as playing with his tentacles and licking his face. However he was very fond and trusting of Creed, purring when the latter scratched under his chin & snuggling up to him when he got scared during a fight.

  • "Kotik" is Russian for "cat."

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