After the Eternals regained their memories following Sprite's manipulation of the Dreaming Celestial, Kra, with a massive Deviant army, confronted the awakened Eternals that had just arrived on Olympia.

When confronted by Makkari he was given three chances to hit the Eternal, all of which were dodged. Given the opportunity to strike back, Makkari chose not to, confirming what Kra had been told by fellow Deviant, Gelt. Gelt had informed the Deviant leader that Makkari was Skandrach, or the eyes through which the Celestials would judge the planet. Proclaiming that as Skandrach, Makkari would come to be hated by his own people, Kra and his army departed without further conflict.


Giant ax and energy whip

Kra's identity is public among Deviants and Eternals, but the general populace of Earth is unaware of his existence.

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