Kraig was ridiculed by people throughout his life for his grotesque appearance and childlike mentality which caused him to want to strike out at anyone whom he believed was laughing at him. In an undisclosed incident Kraig also lost his right hand which was replaced with a powerful metal one by his benefactor Agatha Timly and her husband Nathan. Kraig acted as the couple's servent under the belief that they woul ultimately help him regain his real hand.

Nathan brought the Werewolf by Night, Jack Russell, back to his home as his wife believed him to know the whereabouts of the powerful dark magic tome the Darkhold. Jack had no idea what the couple were refering to and was thus chained in the basement until he co-operated. During one night of interigation, Kraig was hurting Russell too much for Nathan's liking and Kraig lashed out at the man, accidently killing him. Jack took the opportunity to escape in the confusion, but was later turned into the Werewolf at the dawning of the full moon. He then went back and confronted Kraig again, though the powerful man-servent almost defeated the Werewolf. As he was preparing to deal the final crushing blow, his mettalic hand was struck by lightning, instantly killing him.[1]


  • Kraig seemed to possess strength enough to hold his own in combat with the Werewolf. This suggests that he was able to lift at least 1,500 lbs.
  • Kraig's right hand had been replaced with a metal one which was able to grasp things with an incredibly powerful grip. In addition, the hand also possessed razor-sharp claws.


Kraig seemed to possess the mental faculties of a child.

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