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Krait was once an ordinary Shi'ar citizen of the Shi'ar Empire. He was a fanatical cultist who underwent numerous surgeries and experiments to become a more birdlike creature similar to the ancestors that the Shi'ar evolved from. However, after realizing that the process was irreversible, he went crazy and murdered all the cultists, making him a criminal. He then joined the secret Death Commandos so that he wouldn't be sent to prison and ran secret missions for the empire.[2]

For their first assignment, they were sent to Earth where he participated in the extermination of the Grey Genome. However, they failed to kill Rachel Summers and were forced to retreat back to Chandilar.[3] They later loyally served under Araki during a civil war that broke out across the entire Shi'ar Empire.[4]

The Death Commandos were next tasked by Oracle with killing Deathbird and anyone with her. Krait, D'Evo and Shell entered the escort vessel from the opposite side of the ship after the initial boarding party failed. There he was attacked by Mirage who shot him in the chest and wings, causing him to crash while his other two teammates fell to the rest of the New Mutants. As a last ditch effort, Black Cloak ordered Warshot to destroy the entire vessel, and as a result, Krait and the other Death Commandos were all killed when they were thrown into space.[2]



He had wings that enable him to fly at high speeds and enhanced strength, endurance and durability compared to a human.

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