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When Elisa Sinclair assembled a new High Council of Hydra for Steve Rogers, she recruited a person presumed dead to him to become the new incarnation of the Kraken, alias that once belonged to her lover, Daniel Whitehall.[1]

After Hydra took over the United States,[2] Kraken and the rest of the High Council ran the country and helped the organization secure its rule. Kraken, tasked with intelligence matters, was one of the members of the High Council that occasionally questioned Steve Rogers' leadership.[3] He once met with the Punisher to manage a holographic transmission between him and Steve Rogers.[4]

When Steve Rogers began getting serious against Hydra's enemies, Kraken traveled to the mutant nation of New Tian with Gorgon, Viper, and Hive to retrieve a Cosmic Cube fragment from Emma Frost.[5][6]

He later joined the High Council in confronting the Underground and its allies as they tried to end Hydra's rule. He and the rest of the High Council were eventually defeated, and the Hydra regime was brought to an end.[7]



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