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8,000 BC

Krakkan was a Mystic Principality[2] who gathered followers all over Ireland and Great Britain 10,000 years ago, being empowered by his priests.

Ulysses Bloodstone mistrusted Krakkan and his priests, and felt Krakkan was amassing too much power. He consequently prepared himself, bargained the Nullgem and his own first (and at the time only) child, his daughter Lyra to receive power beyond comprehension, enabling him to defeat and banish Krakkan to another dimension.[1]

Krakkan made pacts with numerous sorcerers,[1] who would then invoke him to cast spells, most notably the Chains of Krakkan,[3] a spell of entrapment.[4]

Krakkan had a temple set in Northern Ireland,[5] which held the Kestrel Key of Krakkan meant to empower his Exemplar (avatar) in the Wager of the Octessence.[6][7][2]

Modern Age

Bridget Malone found the temple and the Kestrel Key, and became the Exemplar "Conquest".[6][7][2]

Millenia after his exile, he returned in a zombified state to hunt the bloodline of Ulysses, but was defeated and apparently killed by his daughter Lyra, using the power of the Nullgem.[1]





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