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The Krakoan Harvest Center was a large agricultural site in the Savage Land dedicated to planting and harvesting the Flowers of Krakoa for mutantkind.[3][1][4][5]


To mass product the Flowers of Krakoa, mutantkind has annexed a portion of the Savage Land and the Red Farm on Mars.[3][1][4]

Hijacking the Krakoan Gateway on the edge of Krakoan Harvest Center, Hordeculture attacked the young mutants tending the fields (including Pixie and Anole). Although they were stopped by Cyclops, Sebastian Shaw, and Emma Frost, Hordeculture was able to obtain samples of several forms of flora.[1]

After the trauma he suffered on a mission, Colossus began working full-time in fields of the Krakoan Harvest Center until he was detained by Beast.[5]

As part of his plan to discredit X-Corp, Jean-Pierre Kol from Noblesse Pharmaceuticals filed complaints with the U.N. about using internationally protected territory in Savage Land. To escalate his plans, Kol destroyed the Flower Processing Plant in the Savage Land, killing multiple dupes of Dr. James Madrox.[6]


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