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The Kral System was a portion of the Skrull Empire set aside for the exploration and recreation of Earth's culture and media, of which Skrulls initially became obsessed due to their inability to grasp almost any kind of representational art. Kral IV was focused on the 1920s-30s gangster movies of Earth.[1]

In the Kral System there were ten worlds, each one was an amusement and resort center for the empire's idle rich. The Skrulls used each world to recreate the habitats of certain alien cultures. The home of the galactic gladiatorial tournaments is the Kral System.[2][3][4]

The plant-based Cotati used planets of the Kral System to conduct experiments in amplifying their powers to prepare for their planned war against the Kree and the Skrulls.[5] When their experiments were discovered, the Skrulls deployed an astronuclear weapon named the Pyre to trigger the detonation of Kral, destroying every planet in the system.[6] However, the Cotati had long since moved to a Kree world to continue their work.[5] Nova, who was on Kral IV responding to a distress call prior to the destruction, estimated that around ten thousand Krallian Skrulls had managed to evacuate before the destruction, including Bugface Brown, Prince Dezan, and Boss Barker's boys.[7]

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  • Kral IV - Based on the American gangster movies from the 1930s.[8]
  • Kral X - Originally also based on gangster movies. It then shifted towards the Ritchie Redwood Show, a cancelled 1950s television sitcom.[1]

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