Quote1 You're standing in Glenbrook. You're in the happiest small town America ever knew. So what makes you think you're on Earth? Quote2
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What became known as Glenbrook was originated as Kral X, a small Skrull colony and outpost ruled by Don Scarpone located in the Kral System. The Kral System represented a peculiar portion of the Skrull Empire, it was a group of planets set aside for the exploration and recreation of Earth's culture and media, particularly old-time gangster movies.

One of Scarpone's sons became fascinated by a 50-year-old cancelled American show called the Ritchie Redwood Show which centered around a group of suburban teenage friends. After converting his brother, Scarpone's son spread this fanaticism through persuasion and force. He even converted the two Super-Skrulls that had been assigned to Kral X, giving him enough firepower to defeat Scarpone's forces, and force them and his father into exile. With Kral X under their control, Scarpone's sons refashioned it into a recreation of Glenbrook, the small town where the Ritchie Redwood Show was set. The inhabitants of Kral X then adopted the identities of cast members and extras of the show. Scarpone's sons became cast members Ritchie Redwood and Bugface Brown.

Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616) from U.S.Avengers Vol 1 11 001

Cannonball flying through Glenbrook

Bugface unwittingly planted the first seeds of conflict with his brother when he found more recent transmissions of the show, which had been brought back several times after its original cancellation, giving Kral X access to hundreds of new episodes and decades of new stories. Bugface convinced Ritchie to give the new material a try, but he became overwhelmed by the different changes the show had undergone, as he wanted to keep things simple and classic. Tensions escalated into a civil war after Bugface pushed for the inclusion of new elements outside the established continuity of the show. He additionally decided to ditch his human disguise, and suggested giving his character a completely different backstory which involved him being an alien from the future. The Super-Skrulls at Ritchie's disposal proved an advantage once again, and he crushed all opposition easily. He then imprisoned Bugface and all the other subversives in a dungeon with no sustenance.[1] Following Bughead's incarceration, Ritchie became a tyrant who imposed his views with an iron fist, threatening anybody that would go off-script with the same punishment, and censoring all episodes of the show that weren't from the original series to keep the setting unchanged.

After Howard Mason bought MIA U.S.Avengers member Cannonball from slavers with the intention to give Glenbrook a genuine American citizen from Earth, Ritchie introduced him to the town and some of its citizens. Unaware that Cannonball actually possessed powers, Ritchie attempted to force him to play a part in his fantasy town. Cannonball immediately tried to escape, but the Super-Skrull Biff Bison took him down. Ritchie then had Cannonball thrown into the same dungeon as Bugface and his friends.[2]

While Cannonball helped Bugface and his friend escape from captivity, the U.S.Avengers arrived to Kral X looking for their teammate. Following the defeat of his Super-Skrulls, Ritchie attempted to take on the heroes himself by assuming his battleform. However, Cannonball and the subersives arrived, and Bugface used the devices that were preventing them from changing shapes on Ritchie himself. Ritchie lashed out at his fellow Skrulls until Bugface hit him with the truth that despite all of his talk about staying in character, it was ironic that Ritchie ended up acting in a way the fictional Ritchie Redwood would never behave. The Shi'ar soldiers that assisted the U.S.Avengers in rescuing Cannonball then arrested Ritchie and his Super-Skrulls, so they could face justice on the planet where Don Scarpone and his followers had been exiled.[1]

Points of Interest

  • Glenbrook High
  • Ye Olde Malt Shoppe
  • Sabine the Teen Sorceress' haunted castle
  • Pappy Guggenheim's Malt Shoppe


  • The Ritchie Redwood Show and all of its elements are modeled after the stories from Archie Comics.

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