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American scientist professor Carter had a theory that if he could perfect a growth serum, he could use it to enlarge common insects to giant sizes and would be able to use them for many aspects of construction and transportation that are currently done by machines. The scientific institute in the United States, however, scoffed at the idea and Carter moved to Europe to continue his research.

Moving into a desserted castle in the Krakow region of Europe, Carter perfected his serum. But before he could begin testing it on insects, the castle's caretaker, Ludwig, became greedy and hoped to use the formula to make himself rich. Pouring a large amount on a common ant, Ludwig was shocked to see the rapid rate of growth. In addition to growing in size, the ant, now calling himself Krang, developed human-level intelligence and the power of speech. Krang intended to replicate the professor's serum in order to create an insect army capable of enslaving the world.

Carter was able to escape, thanks to Ludwig who held the monster at bay, and was able to use his formula to grow an ant-eater to an extraordinary size. The giant ant and ant-eater battled inside the castle, until Krang was finally destroyed. This time the professor had added an ingredient to his serum which caused the ant-eater to reduce in size after one hour. After this, the professor decided to never again tamper with nature and destroyed his notes for the growth serum. [1]



Krang was an ant that had been artificially grown to a gigantic size, as a result he possessed superhuman proportionate strength to his size. The growth serum also increased Krang's intelligence to human-level and gave him the ability to speak. Despite his large size, Krang retained the ability to cling to surfaces and be able to walk up and down walls.

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