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Kray-Tor was a Judge and Inquisitor for the Universal Church of Truth. He was killed by Adam Warlock with the Soul Gem while he was holding a trial against Warlock for crimes against the Church. In this trial he accepted lying witnesses and false evidence provided by the Church's prosecutor. Warlock on the other hand had to put up with a mute defender who was nothing more than an eye and fell asleep.[1]

After being swallowed by the Soul Gem, he lived on Soulworld alongside Autolycus and other Black Knights of the Universal Church and later even with Warlock and his friends Gamora and Pip the Troll.[2]

When Thanos was resurrected by Mistress Death prior to the Infinity Gauntlet-Affair he briefly met the Silver Surfer who was sent to Soul World by the Titan.[3]

Later when Warlock battled the soulless Count Abyss he briefly lost the Soul Gem to Abyss who wanted to use the Gem to restore his Soul which he has sold to the Zalkor. When he tried to utilize the Gem he disrupted Soul World and the Oneness of Being in it, which had a disturbing effect on Kray-Tor. Though he hoped, that Adam would restore this Oneness after he got the Gem back, but instead Warlock used Kray-Tor's Soul to attack Abyss.[4]

Kray-Tor isolated himself from the other Residents of Soulworld and planned to leave Soul World, maybe in order to take Revenge against Adam Warlock.[5]


  • Kray-Tor died in the same issue he had his first appearance, however, since being transferred to Soulworld he had numerous appearances thereafter.

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