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This page is about the Kree as a species. For the Kree as a group, please refer to the Kree Empire and the Kree Imperium pages.

Quote1.png We must begin again, as we did on the moon, to master what is now ours--so that someday we can destroy all the Kraven Skrulls and reign as undisputed masters of the stars! It is a great task for a great people! Quote2.png

The Kree are a blue-skinned humanoid race of extraterrestrial beings that hail from the planet Hala, in the Pama System located in the large Large Magellanic Cloud. They are technologically advanced and extremely militaristic, conquering every world in their galaxy; forming the Kree Empire.



The Xorrians

Over six million years ago, the Xorrians allegedly spawned the Kree (along with all humanoid life-forms, such as Skrulls and Humans) from their own DNA.[5]

The Celestials and the Progenitors

Two distinct groups of giant godlike aliens experimented on the early Kree:

The Skrulls

For the full presentation of this race, please consult the Skrull Empire page.

A million years ago,[8] a race of humanoid reptiles called the Skrulls came upon prehistoric Hala. At that time the Skrulls were a largely peaceful space-faring race, and they set about educating the natives to the point where they could join their trading empire. However, Hala was home to two equally intelligent races, the Kree and the Cotati.[3]

The Skrulls proposed a test to determine the worthier race between the Kree and the Cotati. Taking members of both races to a distant planetoid in another galaxy, the Blue Area of the Earth's Moon, the Skrulls created an arena and bid the two races to use the resources they had to create something of worth. The Skrulls then left. The Kree constructed a magnificent city known as the Blue City, while the Cotati created a beautiful garden.[3]

A year later the Skrulls returned to judge the two races and found the Cotati's accomplishment the worthier. Enraged, the Kree killed the Skrulls and the Cotati and seized the Skrulls' star-ship. They used the ship to return to their native planet, then set about deciphering the technology of the star-ship.[3] The Kree eventually spread throughout the galaxy, establishing a vast empire, and the subsequent encounters with the Skrulls led to the Kree-Skrull War.[9]

Interbreeding with various other races led to the creation of a second race of Kree with pink skin. The Pink Kree would eventually come to outnumber the Blue Kree.[10]

At some point, allegedly due to a Kree trying to acquire the Crystal of Ultimate Vision without denying the temptation of its powers,[11] the Kree were cursed with evolutionary stagnation.[7]



Outwardly the Kree resemble humans, with little exception through skin color or modified genetics. Denser skin with increase muscles flexibility gives the Kree endurance, durability, and stamina twice the level of humans. They also have "duplicates" of several internal organs,[12] and usually require more nitrogen to breathe comfortably on earth.[13]

Kree physiology originally developed through heavier gravity, higher nitrogen-to-oxygen air content, and a form of dependency centered around the Cotati.[8]

Evolution and Mutation

The Kree were an evolutionarily stagnant race. This was due to a single member of the Kree race attempting to gain control of the Crystal of Ultimate Vision. This unnamed Kree found the crystal, but attempted to use it to become akin to a god, with powers as of those of the Phoenix Force. As punishment, the crystal "genetically froze their evolution in place" allowing the rest of creation to pass them by.[11]

Although, it was stated that the Kree produced super humanoid beings through natural mutation.[14]

The explosion of the first Nega-Bomb in the Kree Empire had the survivors' genetic structures to quickly mutate and adapt to the radiation, allowing the Kree to escape their evolutionary dead end by changing their DNA and allegedly granting them unlimited potential.[15]

Somehow, a group of pink-skinned Kree managed to produce a mutant Kree, Tsu-Zana, in order to overthrow the domination of both Shi'ar and blue-skinned Kree, as their savior. She rejected that destiny and is still residing on Earth under the codename Ultra-Girl.[16]

A radioactive property of the Fault (possibly the Many-Angled Ones) caused spontaneous mutations among Kree (yet sparing Inhumans) to mutate and eventually merge into a monstrous organism.[17]


Humans and Eternals

The Kree have shown to be reproductive via cross-breeding with humans normals and Eternals.

Deathbird's and Vulcan's child was infused with Kree genes.[18][verification needed]


Hulkling is also a Skrull-Kree hybrid, conceived via natural ways.[19]

Diseases and Genetic Conditions

The Kree are vulnerable to many fatal diseases, among them Blackgorge, Betath's Plague, the Wasting.[20]

They are also afflicted by cancer, which they call blackend.[21]

A Kree woman, Una-Rogg claimed that most female Kree possess an inherent ability to manipulate the wills of men and that 'maybe one in a hundred thousand' will also be able to drain life force from them,[22] because of this male Kree 'fear' them and all female Kree undergo a painful procedure when they are young which interferes with their ability to 'give and receive pleasure' also referred to as 'neutering' their 'pleasure centers',[23] this procedure is contextually hinted at being synonymous with female genital mutilation.[22] It is also referred to 'psychological mutilation'.[24]

If a Kree woman with these powers does not undergo this procedure then like Una-Rogg they develop the ability to drain the life force from men as well as their manipulation ability, when Una-Rogg described this ability she said she could 'get a man to love me so much that I drained him of his essence'[23] if they undergo the procedure while young then they lose the manipulation ability and will not develop the life draining one, if performed as an adult then they lose both powers. A group of Kree called the Kree Bloodhounds patrol any world where Kree females are present to hunt down any who have not undergone the procedure, if a Kree female's blood is spilled they can quickly find her and take her to undergo the procedure.[22]

This procedure must be performed in stages in an adult to avoid 'frying' their brain, the first stage removes the power to drain a man's life force and the second prevents them from being sexually dominating and enjoying pleasure.[23]

On Earth-9591, Mar-Vell and his Kree contingent were irradiated by a nuke. Mar-Vell subsequently developed a mutant cataract.[25]



The blue-skinned Kree, who often refer to themselves as Blue Kree, know that they are the original Kree species but, over the course of centuries, they have become a minority in the Kree Empire.[26]


The Blue Kree believe that the "pink-skinned" Kree (commonly known as "Pinks") who are similar in appearance to Caucasian humans are the result of breeding with members of other, genetically-compatible humanoid races who were conquered by the empire. Over time, the numbers of the Pink Kree have increased so that (relatively) few "full-blooded" Blue Kree remain.[10] A few Inhumans have learned that the alien Progenitors used a catalyst called Primagen to engineer the Kree[7] but it is not known who (if any) are aware that the pink-skinned Kree were created as a result of those ancient experiments.[27]

However, the Kree known as Mon-Tog possessed much darker skin resembling an African Human.[28] He is the only case of dark-skinned Kree, and there is seemingly no real explanation.


The Supreme Intelligence arranged for further advancement of the Kree. Through a series of events, he arranged for a large number of his people to be irradiated with a Nega-Bomb (killing 90% of the Kree), and then artificially sped up their evolution by means of an artifact called the Forever Crystal,[15][29] affecting countless millennia of evolution in mere moments.[30]

This new brand of evolved Kree, called Ruul, have a grayish skin tone and many shoulder-length tentacles atop their heads. Individuals possessed the power of "forced evolution", the ability to "will" adaptation to different environments, spontaneously developing the ability to breathe underwater, fly, or whatever their circumstances require.[31][30] Male Ruul were capable of experiencing physical pleasure but it had been removed from the women at a genetic level, meaning they were incapable of enjoying pleasure but didn't care as they were unaware that they were missing anything.[23] At one point it was claimed their were at least a billion Ruul.[32]

Eternals and Deviants

The Celestials have at some point, as many others species visited and modified the ancient Kree genetics. The last and only known Kree Eternal is Ard-Con, alias Ultimus the Demon-Druid. The fate of the Kree Deviants is unknown.[8]


There have been a few occasions where the Kree developed some mutant individuals, despite not being able to evolve. One case was Ultragirl who was classified as a "V-Factor Mutant".[33] However, it could also be that her mutant status comes from her Human DNA.[34] Eighty-Five of Earth-691 was described as a Mutant Kree.[35]

Alternate Realities

Please find the alternate realities Kree on this page.

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength: A Kree warrior has twice the strength of a human of a similar age, height, and build.

Superhuman Durability: The Kree are very durable, while not bulletproof they are still fully capable of effortlessly shrugging off hits from beings as powerful as Captain America and are presumed to be capable of surviving much stronger hits.

Superhuman Endurance: A Kree warrior has twice the endurance of a human with similar training.

Superhuman Stamina: A Kree warrior has twice the stamina of a human with similar training.

"Seventh Sense:" Kree women possess the potential for psychic abilities of various kinds, collectively referred to as a "seventh sense". This psychic potential has manifested as clairvoyance, precognition, or even lethal attributes. Some Kree women can reach into the mind of male-sex species to manipulate their desires or drain another's life force completely. Kree technology has since been created to discover and remove the powers surgically, and technorganic Bloodhounds were used to track down female reaching the adult age with those abilities.[36]


None Known

Average Strength Level

Their denser bodies afford them about twice the average human being’s strength and endurance.


Breathing Problem: the Kree require a breathing formula in order to breathe without problems in planets like Earth.[37]

Super-Soldier Serum: The Human's Super-Soldier Formula has a corrosive effect on the Kree.[38]



Kree-Lar, Turunal system, Large Magellanic Cloud


30 billion (prior to Nega-Bomb detonation); currently 300 million.


Type of Government

Military-Technocratic Dictatorship Empire. Formerly governed by the Shi'ar Empire.

Level of Technology

Advanced: Advanced warp-drive starships, robots, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, genetic engineering, psionic technology, energy weaponry, and battlesuits.

Cultural Traits

Please consult the Kree Empire page.


Supreme Intelligence, Ronan the Accuser, Captain Marvel, List of known Kree


  • Despite the existence of both Kree Eternals and Kree Deviants created by the Celestials,[8] and the similar experiments which were performed on the Kree as those performed on the Skrulls, humans, and Eyungs,[39] the Kree themselves have not been explicitly stated to be granted a latent potential like other species.
  • Kree soldiers appeared during Avengers Disassembled when they attacked the Earth and were driven off by the Avengers. In the process, Hawkeye was killed. But this may not have been the real Kree, as the entire incident was later discovered to be a product of the Scarlet Witch's reality-altering powers.
  • According to Noh-Varr "exploring" (in multiple meanings) is part of the Kree cycle.[40] It is unknown if this true for the mainstream Kree or exclusive to his universe.


  • Some Kree names are references to the comic book industry: Mar-Vell is named after Marvel Comics, Att-Lass is named after Atlas Comics, Dea-Sea is named after DC Comics, Star-Lyn is named after Jim Starlin.
  • There is a possibility that the Kree might have been based on the civilization of the island of Crete. It is also speculated that Crete might have been the basis for the legend of Atlantis which could have been the inspiration for the Inhumans' city of Attilan.[41]
  • The reason why most Kree possess blue skin could be because high amounts of nitrogen deprive the body of oxygen and turn the skin blue-gray.[42]

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