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Kree-Lar was the capital of the Kree Empire and the most populated world in the galaxy.[1] It replaced the homeworld, Hala, as the civil and military center of the Kree.[2]

After the Annihilation treaty, the planet fell under the control of the Annihilation Wave[3] and became the capital world of the Ceded Territories.[4] However, Ronan the Accuser had previously planted 15,000 Kree Sentries underneath the palace of Ravenous with the goal of the Kree Empire one day taking back the territories ceded to the Annihilation Wave.[5]

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  • The entry for the Kree race in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6 established that Kree-Lar was located in the Turunal system but this information has yet to be presented in-story.
  • In several early issues of the third Silver Surfer series, the planet orbiting the star Pama where the Supreme Intelligence was located was identified in-story as "Kree-Lar" instead of by its correct name, Hala. However, later issues of that series identify that same planet as Hala.


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