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Quote1 My people! You are Kree and you are Skrull! Orphans of Skrullos! Orphans of Hala! Your war has run hot and cold for a thousand years! Since the dawn of civilization as we know it! Your conflict created the Star-Sword I hold! Your conflict created me! I am the living embodiment of your war! And today -- I call an end to it! By prophecy and destiny -- by my decree and your acclaim -- the twin empires are one! We are one people -- our people! I am Dorrek VIII, the once and future King of Space! I am your emperor -- and I say we are no longer Kree or Skrull! We are the Alliance -- and in all the galaxy, we have only one enemy -- this enemy! Make ready the fleet! Join our forces as one! We journey to the Sol System! The final war begins now! Quote2
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The Kree and the Skrulls were two of the biggest galactic empires, engaged in an eons-long war known as the Kree/Skrull War. Their conflict started when Skrull emperor Dorrek I pitted a group of primitive Kree in a contest against the plant-like species named the Cotati to see which of the two species living in Hala was worthy of the Skrulls' patronage. When the Cotati were declared the winners after foresting an otherwise lifeless moon, the Kree massacred them and then attacked the Skrulls.[2] As the war went on, a prophecy surfaced that the two empires would come together under the leadership of a Kree/Skrull hybrid capable of wielding Excelsior the Star-Sword.[3] The hybrid Dorrek VIII, better known as the super hero Hulkling, became believed to be this unifier, as the first royal hybrid in a thousand of years, and the son of the Kree champion Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess Anelle.[4]

In modern day, the Cotati resurfaced. Fueled by a desire to avenge the crimes of the Kree and the Skrulls against their ancestors, the Celestial Messiah Quoi and the Cotati Swordsman led their people in cutting a swathe through Skrull and Kree territory while they refined a power-boosting flower called the Death Blossom which enhanced the Cotati's plant-controlling magic.[5] The leader of the Kree, Tanalth the Pursuer, was secretly Hulkling's grandmother R'Klll, whose intended end goal was to see her bloodline rule over the Kree and the Skrulls through her grandson.[6] She saw the rise of the Cotati as an oportunity to unite the two empires,[7] leadering her and the Skrull emperor Kl'rt the Super-Skrull to agree to form the Alliance to ensure the survival of their people.[8] The Cotati attempted to stop the Alliance's formation by killing two of its key sponsors, Raksor and Bel-Dann,[5] but not before they had managed to enlist Hulkling as a figurehead. His first act as the emperor was to call a ceasefire between the Kree Imperium and the Utopian Kree, since the Kree had been waging their own civil war in recent times.[8]

The Cotati Invasion[]

The Alliance's war fleet sped towards the Earth,[9] since the Cotati had converged in the Blue Area of the Moon.[10] In order to delay the Alliance, the Cotati enlisted the help of the Avengers, using a pacifist pretense to paint themselves as innocent targets of a genocide, which earned them the heroes' protection.[10] Not long before the Alliance reached the Earth, the Fantastic Four stumbled into their fleet,[11] and were brought into the flagship. Both teams became convinced that Hulkling was being misguided by Super-Skrull and Tanalth, prompting them to disrupt their effort to reach the Cotati, with Iron Man infecting the Alliance's ships with a virus to disable them. This intervention bought the Cotati enough time for the blooming of a Death Blossom they had planted in the Blue Area, which allowed Quoi to cast deadly vines to ensnare and cripple the Alliance's fleet before launching their invasion on Earth.[12] Only the Alliance flagship survived the attack, and it was freed from the Cotati's clutches when Captain Marvel absorbed and dispersed the energies of Hulkling's Star-Sword. Afterward, she was appointed as the new Accuser of the Alliance.[5] During her time as Accuser, Captain Marvel investigated the destruction of the experimental city K'in-Al for Kree/Skrull coexistence,[13] which was bombed by Kree-hating human scientist Walter Lawson,[14] causing Danvers' half-sister Lauri-Ell to be blamed for the attack.[13]

The Alliance and Earth's heroes worked together to fend off the Cotati invasion on Earth. Despite Hulkling issuing rules of engagement,[6] most Alliance soldiers attacked the Cotati without caring for harm that came to Earth's inhabitants, making the Avengers and Agents of Wakanda ensure the safety of civilians. In one instance, a division of Alliance soldiers who had won a battle in Mexico turned against the super heroes Wonder Man, Mockingbird and Quicksilver when they objected to the killing of Cotati captives.[15] The heroes only managed to catch a second wind and disarm the Alliance soldiers when the Kree and the Skrulls turned against each other.[16]

As the fight against the Cotati continued, Hulkling refused to risk Captain Marvel's life by making her absorb Excelsior's energies again in a bid to destroy the Cotati garden in the Blue Area of the Moon, gaining the disapproval of his Royal Guard, who frowned upon their emperor's compassionate nature. Instead, Hulkling teleported the sword to Black Panther for his own plan against a marching Cotati division in Wakanda. Hulkling also refused to deploy the Pyre, a star-detonating device that would eradicate the Cotati by destroying the Earth. After Captain Glory deduced that Tanalth was a Skrull impostor, R'Klll revealed herself to him,[6] and staged a coup by secretly abducting and supplanting Hulkling to order the deployment of the Pyre. Captain Marvel and the Human Torch would later enlist the help of Hulkling's husband, Wiccan,[17] to locate and liberate the true Hulkling. When Hulkling and his allies confronted his impostor, R'Klll rallied the royal guard against him.[18]

By this time, the New Fantastic Four had reassembled in New York City, comprised of Brainstorm, Powerhouse, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, to rescue the child Kree soldier Jo-Venn and the young Skrull warrior N'Kalla from the Cotati-allied assassin sect known as the Dark Harvest.[19] The Dark Harvest had built an Omni-Wave Projector and used it on Jo-Venn and N'Kalla, both having been imbued with the chronicles of the Kree/Skrull War at birth. This allowed the Dark Harvest to project a psychic attack that stirred discord between the ranks of the Alliance. Brainstorm and Powerhouse convinced Jo-Venn and N'Kalla to focus on their shared bond, causing the psychic blast to instead strengthen the bond between the two alien races.[20]

The effect of the Omni-Wave Projector prompted Captain Glory to expose R'Klll as an impostor. With the Pyre having been activated, Hulkling's allies and the royal guard teleported to the Sun to contain the detonation until the Pyre was remotely disabled by Iron Man. Afterward, Hulkling managed to subdue R'Klll and neutralize her powers with an inhibitor mask she had previously forced unto his grandson during his imprisonment. In the meantime, the Alliance's troops joined forces with a contingent of Earth's heroes for the final battle against the Cotati in Wakanda, where Quoi attempted to plant a Death Blossom since its Vibranium-enriched soil would have allowed him to extend his reach to cosmic levels.[21]

Following the defeat of the Cotati, the Alliance became at peace, with Hulkling stepping up to the role of a king and not just a figurehead. R'Klll was imprisoned at the Alliance's flagship, and Lauri-Ell was made the new chief Accuser in place of Captain Marvel. Wiccan was made the prince consort and court wizard after a royal wedding was held for him and Hulkling. Super-Skrull and Captain Glory were demoted by Hulkling, with Kl'rt accepting a diplomatic posting, whereas Glah-Ree preferred the prospect of a life sentence at a penal stockade.[7] The Cotati were handed over by the Alliance to Thor, who teleported the would-be conquerors to a secluded plant in uncharted space.[22]

After the Cotati War[]

When some planets of the Alliance's zone ceased communication, Talos was sent along with a group to investigate. To their horror, they found that these planets and its Kree and Skrull habitants had been consumed by Symbiotes before being attacked by Knull and his dragons. With most of the group having perished to the monsters, Talos planned to distract them while Tarna escaped and warned the empire. However, while Talos was able to escape from Knull, Tarna's fate was unknown and Talos' escape pod - broadcasting a signal warning ships to stay away - was rescued. He told General Kalamari, who had been sent to rescue his group, about what he had seen and stated it was too late, showing him the symbiotes under Knull's command arriving at their location.[23]

Kl'rt was sent alongside Captain Val-Lorr to Proscenium, in order to negotiate the universe's new status quo with the Galactic Council. Upon being questioned by the Utopian Kree representative Marvel Boy on the deployment of the Pyre in Earth's solar system, Kl'rt stated that it was not what the emperor ordered and the Alliance would remain humanity's ally until Teddy was on the throne, hoping he never loses it. Val-Lorr threatened the Utopian Kree with destruction if that happened. Upon hearing this, the council voted to keep the existing treaties in force and having the Alliance dismantle all banned weaponry, while allowing independent inspections. In the restroom, Marvel Boy found Emperor Stote dying and was confronted by Val-Lorr, who suspected him of being the murderer. As he tried to shoot him, his gun backfired and killed him instead. Kl'rt suspected Marvel Boy too and told the council of his crime, before trying to kill him. Nova Prime Richard Rider reminded that he had jurisdiction in such cases, but Kl'rt demanded an impartial law official. Rider then called Ranger Rocket to investigate.[24]

Rocket proved that Val-Lorr's gun was rigged. He then had the psychics there scan everyone's mind. Peacebringer was soon revealed to be sent there to blow up everyone by the Chitauri Empire, but they found he didn't murder Stote. As the Guardians of the Galaxy tried stopping him, Rocket revealed that "Lani Ko Ako" claiming to represent the Badoon Sisterhood, who would never send someone on their behalf, was Profiteer in disguise trying to start the Snarkwar between Stote's sons and also had Val-Lorr killed to cover her tracks. The Galactic Rim Collective's representative Zoralis Gupa soon informed them about worlds across empires being purged of life and the "credit" currency becoming worthless. Profiteer decided to save the representatives, so their empires can rebuild themselves and buy from her, teleporting away with Peacebringer before his Bio-Bomb could detonate. Gupa then told them he wasn't lying and they knew who was responsible: Knull.[25]

During the construction of the new capital planet Throneworld II from the ruins of Hala, as it was being inhabited by both Kree and Skrulls, they were attacked by the Progenitors. With the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Alliance was able to repel the attackers.[26] Soon afterward, Dormammu merged with Ego the Living Planet due to the machinations of the Brethren of the Forgotten Flame. He and his Mindless Ones attacked, Throneworld II alongside several other planets as part of his ritual to summon the entirety of the Dark Dimension,[27] but his plan was ultimately thwarted with his defeat at the hands of the Guardians.[28]

With the Reckoning causing chaos through the cosmos, supplying various alien races with the Watchers' technology, the Mekkans assaulted the Alliance.[29] In their fight, the Alliance was joined by the Human Torch, the Unparalleled, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Starjammers against the Mekkans.[30] The Alliance would later assist the heroes in taking down the Reckoning.[31]



  • Kree Militia Uniforms[10]
  • Mutations: The alliance has manufactured mutated creatures that can take over the mechanical sentries. It also has access to technology that allows it to increase the powers and abilities of its warriors.[10]
  • Inhibitor Masks: Masks of Skrull technology that can block a Skrull's power to shapeshift.[21]



  • Gliders[32]
  • Hovering tanks: Mounted with cannons capable of firing energy blasts.[33]
  • Intergalactic Warp-Capable Starships


  • Since the Kree Imperium merged with the Skrull Empire, it is left unknown what happened to the Vox. Vox Supreme appeared to have betrayed the Imperium after he merged with the Supreme Intelligence.[35]
  • The Alliance is "at least" equal in power with the Shi'ar Empire.[36]


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