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The Kree Composite Soul Bow was a vintage Kree weapon powered by the wielder's own psionic energies and energies from the Negative Zone.[1]


The Kree Composite Soul Bow was an old-fashioned vintage weapon of Kree origin. Stylistically it shared the same design sensibility as the Nega-Bands, and similarly utilized the energies of the Negative Zone and the wielder's own psionic energies as power sources.[1]

Hawkeye using the Kree Composite Soul Bow

While battling Mother's forces in Central Park, Marvel Boy gave Hawkeye a Kree Composite Soul Bow because she didn't have access to her regular bow or trick arrows.[2] Hawkeye continued to use the Kree Composite Soul Bow while travelling the Multiverse with Young Avengers evading Mother and her "Young Avengers".[3] When they broke up, Hawkeye returned the bow to Noh-Varr.[4]

When Marvel Boy convinced Hawkeye and the West Coast Avengers to infiltrate the Temple of the Shifting Sun, the team was attacked by vampires.[5] Luckily, Marvel Boy packed two Kree Composite Soul Bow, one for each Hawkeye.[6]

Along with several other pieces of Kree technology and weaponry, Wastrel collected a Composite Soul Bow of his own.[7] He used the bow when he, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel were attacked by the Kree Starforce.[8]


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