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The Kree Eternals were a sub-race created a long time ago as part of the Celestials' experiments on blue-skinned Kree,[3] created along with the Kree Deviants.[2]

Along with other Kree Eternals, Ard-Con journeyed through space and traveled to Earth, 4000 years ago. Mistaken for Gods by the Celts, all Kree Eternals soon left, save for Ard-Con who lived there for a millennium, was imprisoned by Tantalus.[3]

During that time, the Kree Eternals settled and faded away, leaving Ard-Con (rechristened "Ultimus") as last living individual of his species.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Powers seems to include enhanced physical abilities, control over cosmic energy (with blast, force field,[5] longevity and regenerative abilities application)[3] absorption of radioactivity to increase size and mass,[3] immunity to most diseases,[3] ability to whistand space vacuum,[3] harnessing of anti-gravitons for flight.[3]



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