The Kree Militia Uniform was a suit of armor worn by members of the Kree military. The color of the uniform corresponded to the member's rank.[1] A Kree militia uniform was resistant to impact because of its vibratory absorption lining, coupled with refractory coating which can stave off laser fire.[2] Some components of the armor have self-contained power cores, which can be set to overload in the event of capture.[3]

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Image Description Source
Mahr Vehl (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Mystery Vol 1 1 0001 In Earth-1610, Captain Mahr Vehl had an implanted device that looked like a wristwatch when in human guise. It allowed him to access Kree technology, such as contact lenses used to see through invisibility shields. His uniform had flight capabilities, energy shields, invisibility shields, physical augmentationsm and an onboard totalkannon. . Ultimate Secret #1
Kree(Earth-8096)-001 In Earth-8096, Captain Mar-Vell wore a suit, similar to his Earth-1610 counterpart, but the weapons technology incorporated into it was more akin to Earth-200080's Noh Varr. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Animated Series) Season 1 10
Starforce (Earth-199999) from Captain Marvel (film) 001 In Earth-199999, the Starforce wear suits similar to Earth-1610 version. Carol Danvers changes the color of the uniform after her defection, going through a few iterations (a black and yellow resembling Ms. Marvel's Suit, green and white like Mahr Vehl, and a yellow and red similar to Iron Man Armor) before settling on the red, blue and yellow of the U.S. Air Force, a look reminiscent of Earth-616's Carol suit as Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel (film)


  • After Captain Mar-Vell protected the Supreme Intelligence from destruction by Ronan The Accuser, his customary Kree captain's uniform was replaced with a special uniform, red in color with black trim and gold decorations, that was unique to him.[3] Carol Danvers, when she was originally calling herself Ms. Marvel, outfitted herself, at first, in a version of that uniform re-designed for a female wearer.[4]
  • Genis-Vell's Kree Navy uniform bears resemblense to the Kree Militia Uniforms.[5] Zarda Shelton of the Utopians wore an armor which also beared resemblense to the Kree Militia Uniforms.
  • When former Kree soldier Tel-Kar was in control of the Venom symbiote, the symbiote took a similar design to the Kree Militia Uniform.[6]

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