Colonel Krieghund was a barrel-chested, bald soldier in service to the Nazi party during World War II. He was tasked with developing a German Übermensch in much the same way that the United States created the super-hero Captain America. Krieghund selected a weak Nazi Bund member named Wilhelm Lohmer to participate in his experiment.

Having failed to perfect the technique, Krieghund abducted an American scientist named Doctor Anderson, who had been present during Operation Rebirth, and was privy to some scientific knowledge that supposedly died with the project's administrator Doctor Abraham Erskine. Krieghund took Doctor Anderson to an abandoned silo in the United States that the Nazis had been using as a secret laboratory. Attaching a device to Anderson's head called a Psyphon, Krieghund was able to pull the necessary data directly from Anderson's mind. He applied it to his test subject and turned Wilhelm Lohmer into the Master Man.

Almost immediately, Colonel Krieghund learned that Master Man would be difficult to control. His frustrations intensified when his laboratory was raided by the American super-heroes, the Human Torch and Toro. As the Torches set fire to the lab, Krieghund escaped via a special emergency chute.

He soon reunited with Master Man and staged an attack against the British battleship, the HMS Duke of York. Their assignment was to assassinate one of the ship's traveling dignitaries, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The captain of the U-boat that Krieghund was on thought that such a showy display of Master Man's power was a waste, since two well-placed torpedoes could handle the job just as effectively. Krieghund tried to warn Master Man against expending too much power, but Master Man ignored his concerns and attacked the battleship.

As the Colonel had predicted, Master Man's powers faded after a short duration and he was defeated by the combined efforts of Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro and the Sub-Mariner. The Sub-Mariner scuttled the U-boat with two of its own torpedoes.[1]

Somehow, he managed to survive, as he was later serving under the Red Skull. He salvaged the equipment of Brain Drain, allowing Red Skull to capture and brainwash the Invaders.[2] He supposedly perished when Toro ignited the hydrogen of Red Skull's airship.[3].

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