The Krill were gamma mutates created by the clandestine organization known as Home Base. Their intended purpose was to collect a blood sample from the Hulk.[1] The creatures were unleashed on Nadia Dornova and Betty Ross. The pair of women were rescued by the Hulk, Doc Samson and Sandra Verdugo. One of the creatures managed to get the Hulk's blood sample and flee back to Home Base's home of operations with the Hulk not far behind. The other Krill were destroyed by Samson, Ross, and Dornova when they discovered that the creatures were vulnerable to water. Later, at the headquarters of Home Base, the Hulk's allies fought more of the creatures which Samson dispatched by activating the emergency sprinklers.[2] The Leader later used this blood to create an imperfect clone of Bruce Banner which the Hulk ultimately slew.[3]

Powers and Abilities




Habitat: Earth standard
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Type of Government: Not applicable
Level of Technology: Not applicable
Cultural Traits: Creatures that operate as a pack.
Representatives: None

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