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Quote1.png Listen to me good, girlie -- I'm sick of super-heroes savaging the city. This time you're not getting away with it! Quote2.png
Kris Keating[src]


Keating was a New York City Police Department SWAT leader. He headed a special powers task force against superhumans. He was eventually killed and impersonated by agents of the Foreigner who assigned the impersonation as a rotating test.

Following a battle between the Defenders for a Day and the villainous Defenders, Keating arrived to arrest the defeated villains. He blamed the heroic Defenders for all the damages caused by their recent battles, and informed them that they were not going to get away with it. He was aware of the team's address in Long Island and threatened to send them a bill for the damages.[1]


It is not clear just when Keating was murdered and replaced; the real Kris Keating may never have been seen at all. It is also unknown how many agents impersonated him or which appearances are the same agents.

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