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Quote1.png "If we can't find the best in others, how can we hope to find it in ourselves?" Quote2.png
--Krista Dumont to Brett Mahoney[src]

Krista Dumont was the daughter to a mentally unstable Vietnam veteran; during a domestic dispute between her parents that led to a divorce, Dumont embraced her father who, in tearful upset, carried both through a window in an attempted murder-suicide. Though unable to save him, she became driven to seek a career in psychotherapy, in efforts to rescue other unhinged war veterans with similar conditions.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Psychologist


  • Vertigo: Due primarily from childhood trauma, Dumont possesses an extreme fear of heights and experiences vertigo upon looking outside the windows of her own apartment. During her altercation with Madani, she became heavily overwhelmed upon acknowledging the windows behind her, leading to a fall and extensive injuries.[2]

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