Burnout was a member of the survivalist group Humanity's Last Stand. She volunteered for the Mutant Liberation Front program, where human Last Standers were augmented with tech or drugs to gain super-powers. Their MLF would then commit terrorist acts in the name of mutant supremacy, stirring up public outcry against mutants. Burnout and the MLF targeted Reverend William Conover, a pro-mutant advocate, to achieve maximum effect.[2]

When the MLF kidnapped FBI agent Carl Denti, he escaped from Burnout's custody thanks to his X-Cutioner teleportation tech. When Burnout reported her failure, Simon Trask allowed her to die instead of re-upping her drug dosage.[3]


Manic speed: Burnout used chemical enhancements to achieve superhuman speed, reflexes and high-speed perceptions. Burnout deliberately misled the public to believe her speed was a mutant ability.


Wrist blades

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