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The Inhuman Torch


Kristoff is the adopted son of Doctor Doom and Valeria, and thanks to the cosmic experiments of his adoptive father, he gained the powers of mystic flames. Kristoff became a member of Doctor Doom's Fearsome Four, calling himself the Inhuman Torch.[1]



Mystical Fire: Kristoff is able to generate and manipulate mystical fire, for a variety of effects;

  • Flight: He can use his powers to create super-heated air currents which push him forward through the air, enabling him to fly. This super-heated air is visible as a trail of flame behind Kristoff. The upper limit to the speed Kristoff can achieve in flight is not known.
  • Fire Form: Kristoff can envelop his entire body or portions of his body with mystical fire without harm to himself. Whilst in this form, Kristoff's body (whilst on fire) becomes a demonic looking skeleton.
    • Fire Wings: Whilst in this form, Kristoff's body (whilst on fire) gains demonic looking wings. The wings presumably assist Kristoff's ability to fly.
  • Pyrokinesis: Kristoff can generate fire from any point on his body, he can project the flames he generates as powerful blasts of energy.
    • Thermokinesis: Kristoff can generate various levels of heat from his body. The heat itself is mystical in nature. There are unknown limits to the amount of heat he can generate.
  • Immunity to Fire & Heat: Kristoff is unaffected by the heat and flames, he generates.

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