Krobaa arrived on Earth when the scientist Nigel Donlevy attempted to build some kind of machine, and in so doing allowed Krobaa a pathway to reach Earth, which it described as "a primitive world, far from the Galactic Hegemony." Krobaa sought to bond symbiotically with Donlevy, and he reacted in fear. Later, having bonded, Krobaa went on a rampage in Morristown, New York, destroying buildings and seemingly feeding on the fear of the residents there.

A short while later, young journalist Eddie Brock confronted the alien in his rampage. Brock realized that Krobaa, being living darkness from the depths of space, must thus be weak to bright light and used his camera flash to defend himself. In so doing, he freed Krobaa from a madness induced by humanity, at which point Krobaa expressed great sorrow. Krobaa and Brock shared a brief moment of understanding, before Krobaa committed suicide in order to spare the universe from the contagion of humanity's "seed of darkness."

Upon Krobaa's suicide, Donlevy was released from within his mass, having been alive within Krobaa this entire time. Donlevy then explained that Krobaa was simply an explorer from another world, seeking to learn about various civilizations throughout the galaxy via temporary symbiosis, absorbing aspects of each society's unique forms of thought in order to share his discoveries with his own people, who are said to value "diversity of mind" more than anything else.

Unfortunately for Krobaa, what Donlevy called humanity's "inner demon [...] the Id" overwhelmed Krobaa and drove him mad. Thus, when Brock snapped Krobaa out of this state, he was so revolted, and considered himself so tainted, he committed suicide in order to avoid infecting the rest of the universe with with humanity's so-called madness. After Donlevy explained all this, the ashen remnants of Krobaa's dead form were then blown away in a cloud of black dust, scattered on the wind. [1]

Highly empathetic and heavily affected by humanity's inner darkness to the point of rampage. The revelation of madness leaves him devastated and full of sorrow until his self-inflicted death.


Bright Lights: Krobaa is shown to respond to the flash bulb on Brock's camera, freeing it from its madness.

Human Darkness: The darkness of the human mind is said to drive Krobaa mad, to the point of rampage. [1]

  • Appears to feed on emotions, claiming, "Your terror nourishes me!" while rampaging under the influence of the darkness of humanity.[1]

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