Krogg is a demon of some power who was first summoned to this Earth over two hundred years ago by a pharmacist and practising warlock named Amos Treach. Treach had hoped to make Krogg his personal servant, but quickly realized that the demon was too powerful to be controlled and he soon disappeared. Krogg left for the countryside where he terrorized the surrounding townspeople for several days, devouring those he could find to help replenish his own strength. Treach was appalled at the chaos that he had inadvertently caused and devised a plan with which to imprison the demon for eternity. He constructed an airtight chamber deep inside a mountain cave as once a demon his completely imprisoned, his powers become nullified. Treach succeeded in getting the monster into his trap, slamming the chamber door behind him, confining him for what he hoped would be all eternity. Treach spent the rest of his days guarding the chamber to ensure that Krogg would not be freed.

After one of Jack Russell's transformations into the Werewolf, he woke up to find himself in the forest. He decided that he would remain there for the next day in order to ensure that his Werewolf side would not hurt anyone that night. He sought shelter in an old cavern and soon began hearing a horrendous moaning coming from the back of the cave. When Jack went to investigate, he found the large chamber door and tried to open it to see what was making the noise. Once he was successful, however, he entered the room to find it completely empty. Russell soon discovered the remains of Treach and read his diary, revealing the reason for the chamber's existence. Jack, however, scoffed at the story as there had been no demon present in the room. That night, Russell transformed into the Werewolf at the dawning of the full moon and was soon approached by Krogg, who thanked the Werewolf for freeing him just before he tried to kill him. He told the Werewolf of how he had initially tried to possess the body of Jack Russell when he had opened the door, but found the spirit of the wolf already inhabiting his form. Krogg then possessed the form of a small rabbit that had followed Jack into the cavern and transformed it to more closely resemble Krogg's own appearance.

Krogg needed the life force of others to stay alive and therefore tried to kill the Werewolf. After a stuggle, the two supernatural combatants were spotted by a couple of local hunters who then tried to shoot Krogg, though this proved ineffectual. Kroog then devoured the two men's life-essences and again sought to destroy the Werewolf. The wolf ran into the forest and eventually back into the cave where he had first released the demon. He caused Krogg to accidently bring the cavern ceiling down on top of himself, seemingly either trapping or destoying him.[1]


  • Krogg possesses superhuman strength
  • Krogg can fire flames from his mouth which produce devastating effects.
  • Krogg can ingest the life-forces of other living beings in order to replenish his own.
  • Krogg is immune to the effects of conventional weapons such as firearms.
  • Krogg is an elemental force, one which is invisible to the naked eye to mortals on Earth. As a result, Krogg requires a host body to gain physical substance on this world. Though he prefers to take possession of human bodies, he can also take the form of much smaller creatures, such as a rabbit, and transform them to more closely resemble his true appearance.


  • Krogg must consume the life-forces of other beings in order to survive in our dimension.
  • When imprisoned, a demon's power is nullified.

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